Rae Gaddum


I think everyone must be born with a passion for food, but only some have the time to properly pursue it, luckily I have the time!

I was one of those children always with the fridge door open, looking for food!! So learning to cook at a young age meant I could eat all those delicious things I created. Now, however, the enjoyment is more about cooking and creating for others, friends and family and those who need good tasty sustenance when this busy crazy world doesn't allow them that time. 

I have cooked for our shearers, for a little Italian deli, for a local pheasant shoot, for our accommodation lodge, for local wineries and their vintage staff, for our local cafe, for parties, and weddings, I love creating large platters of food where the colours and textures just cry out, come eat and enjoy a little of lifes pleasures. 

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