Gemma Douglas


Gemma created The Motherhood Project in June 2018 after her third child was born. Originally as a way of bringing all the mothers she knew in her life together and initially as a support and community of empowerment for mothers in NZ. It became apparent that there was a great need around the world for quality support and resources for mothers regardless of where they lived. 

Gemma is a Meditation Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and has a Diploma in Life Coaching through the NZ Business Institute of Studies. She is also a trained teacher and has a passion for all things related to motherhood. 

Gemma has had a passion for meditation her whole life, beginning at a young age. She specialises in writing guided meditations and introducing beginners to this life transforming skill. Gemma believes meditation truly has the power to transform our lives and is one the most essential life skills for cultivating a fulfilled and conscious life.

Over the past year Gemma has been working on bringing together quality health professionals to launch TMP Village. 

Originally from the South Island, Gemma studied music at Otago University specialising in Opera singing upon completing her degree. She went on to complete her teaching Diploma in Christchurch. 

A move to Auckland saw Gemma join the e-commerce company GrabOne as Senior Business Development Manager. Gemma worked extremely hard and successfully brought in huge commissions for the company in less than a year. Gemma was offered a life changing promotion the same week she found out she was pregnant with her first child. It was at this juncture where she first felt the shift in her mindset between career & family.  A push & pull, balancing act that would soon become her everyday norm.

Over the next 4 years Gemma had three children, whereby her transformation into motherhood and some challenging times gave Gemma a real sense of the importance of supporting mothers. Her understanding of the realities of motherhood; being both challenging and rewarding helped her strive to create this holistic approach. TMP Village was launched with the help of some incredible health professionals & mums. 

 Gemma now lives in Hawkes Bay on an apple orchard with her husband and three children. 

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