Dariush Lolaiy


Dariush Lolaiy is a multi award winning chef and cookbook author, hunter and Co-Owner at Cazador. Dariush's speciality is serving wild game meats and fresh, local produce with an emphasis on ethically sourced ingredients and minimal waste. At Cazador, classic, hands-on cooking techniques are used to create simple, sophisticated dishes using local, quality ingredients.

- Established in 1987, Cazador is one of New Zealand's longest running restaurants, and is as much revered for its legacy as its innovations. Cazador is family owned and operated, and specialises in sustainable, wild game cooking. Our ethical meats and fresh produce are sourced from New Zealand hunters and producers, and our short, seasonal menu changes often to reflect supply.

Recent Cazador Awards include
Metro 2019
Best Neighbourhood Restaurant
Runner up Supreme Winner, Best Chef, Best Drinks, Best Dish
One Hat Cuisine Good Food Awards.

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