Ange Tremain


I am Ange Tremain founder of Mojo Journeys and lover of the Hawke's Bay outdoors. After leaving teaching 3 years ago and experiencing life again outside the classroom I discovered a passion for sharing the beautiful and unique corners of our region with others.

Through walking and trekking in these tranquil and powerful environments I realised their huge capacity to calm to wow and to inspire. With my three children Sam, Will and Lily all growing in independence I decided to explore the possibilities and pleasures of guiding people back into nature to authenticity and to themselves. With the assistance and encouragement of Chris my husband, I set about developing this unique walk over the coastal stations from Clifton to Ocean Beach: ‘The Cape Escape’. I could not have done this without the generosity of landowners and local legends Angus Gordon, Liz and Andy Lowe and Juliet Hanson. Their enthusiasm and willingness to share the places they love has been simply amazing.

A Mojo journeys is ‘an ambitious journey that takes place in unique, enticing and somewhat inaccessible places’. Join us, escape to the quiet and find yourselves out there.


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