FAWC! Hawke's Bays bi-annual food and wine classic
FAWC! Hawke's Bays bi-annual food and wine classic
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Behind the Bean

Go behind the scenes at Hawthorne Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar and see how your favourite coffee goes from bean to cup.
Discover the art of a well-rounded, well-balanced cup of coffee and learn how each bean has its own distinct taste that varies depending on origin, variety, processing and roast development.
During an intimate barista training session see how cupping, brewing and precise extraction are imperative to achieving the most delicious cup of coffee.
One of Hawke’s Bay’s favourite coffee suppliers, Hawthorne is also nationally recognised, with more medals at the annual New Zealand Coffee Awards than any other roastery, since its opening in 1999.

Ticket prices includes: coffee and a barista training session and a bag of beans to take home.

F.A.W.C! is a series of exceptional food and wine experiences set in stunning locations in Hawke’s Bay. Running twice a year, F.A.W.C! is a chance to get up close and personal with chefs and food producers, wine makers and the clever people that make up the New Zealand food and wine scene. F.A.W.C! Summer Series runs November, 6-15, 2020

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